Monthly Archives: March 2006


a steamy night in buenos aires – went to see boccatango – it was amazingly artistic. julio bocca’s dancing is so sensual – my favorite dance was when he was dancing with a ladder – his weaving in and out of the ladder was so agile and catlike. at first, the concert was admittedly a bit disappointing – i had such high hopes for the famous table dance (that is one lucky table). but slightly disappointed, but it got better as the night went on – the costumes got sparser, and the dancing got freer. it made sense, and it was really amazing to see.

some shocked viewers were surrounding me. ;) originally the argentine tango was meant to be danced with two men, and it really brought fresh perspective on gender roles, especially on stage. overall, it was a great opportunity to see a legendary dancer like julio bocca, currently the principal at the american ballet theater.