Monthly Archives: May 2006



It’s just one of those days when i felt like cooking dinner, listening to Beethoven symphonies. It’s been exhausting the past week – all on my own fault, i know – went to four theatrical events from Saturday to Saturday, on top of being sick! hehe but good theatre is what really stirs my soul. also spent some time with family, including my cousin who flew in from London. It’s been a great week.

Despite a tempting offer to go to Napa Balley today, I took the day off (after working for a few hours – despite popular belief, my life is not just all play ) to catch up on my rest, and getting my life a little more in order.

SF Ballet season ended today! I’m so sad – altho I’m glad though now that my life can continue. ;) it’s been such a great season. Sylvia by mark morris is now one of my favorite full-length ballets (up there with Giselle and Sleeping Beauty. I need to rewatch swan lake again. Rory Hohenstein was just promoted last Wednesday! I totally called it, too. (jen, you have to see him in NY…)

SF ballet is now over, but i saw that the LA phil is coming to san francisco next week with two Beethoven symphonies… eek, somebody stop me…