Monthly Archives: December 2006

the jersey boys in SF

I *finally* got to see jersey boys! i knew that the last time I went to NY, since I went right after the Tony awards, there would be NO way to get tickets to see the Best Musical of the Year. So I’ve been waiting to see it on tour, even at the expense of missing out on some Tony award winning performances. Anyways, finally got to see it. The show is still in previews in San Francisco.

This show is, by definition, a hit in every sense of the word. Meticulously and smartly written to a tee, it transcends time and circumstance (in contrast to A Chorus Line), no matter if you grew up watching the Four Seasons (which I suspect, most of the audience has b/c I was the youngest one I think in the audience by about 40 years) or not. The setting and subject matter is so unique that if someone described it to me, there would be no way that I would be interested in seeing it (Frankie who?). Yet somehow the show takes a singing group that’s long past their prime, and makes their story relevant to touch and tickle every audience member. You know that the fact that this musical won a Tony for Best Musical, that its influence extends past the baby boomers who grew up in the Four Seasons era. To me, that is what makes this such a great musical. So many laugh out loud moments, and so many moving moments as well.

“I remember thinking at the time there’s something a little off about this guy. I mean, this was the sixties. People thought Liberace was just, y’know .. theatrical.”

I think Jen told me this next story – A story that remains with me about JB is that an elderly gentleman was watching Jersey Boys with tears streaming down his cheeks almost the entire show.

Our fans didn’t have flowers in their hair [like the Beatles' fans]; they didn’t try to levitate the Pentagon. They were the ones working at the diner, pumping gas; they were the ones who understood our music.