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today and the arts

I really enjoyed this segment on the Today show. It was on yesterday – it reminded me again of how much heart this musical has, and is so moving. The Today show describes it as “daring, haunting, and electrifying”. It’s definitely not without its imperfections, and to be honest, not in my list of my favorite musicals of all time. But it’s so innovative, daring, and so moving. Click here to check out a clip of the Today show segment.

I’ll be personally disappointed if John Gallagher does not win the Tony for best supporting actor. I really wish I could find a picture of his opening pose – him sleeping with his mouth open.

The Today show is sort of stepping it up in terms of the arts – I’m impressed! They did a segment on Josh Bell this morning and his efforts at really reaching out to the “new generations” who don’t know who the heck he is. :P He says he still has people who come up to him after concerts and tell him that they’ve never heard of him before!! His coverboy looks and boy-next-door appeal also don’t hurt his efforts of reaching out to the younger masses either. They also had segments of him playing with the Academy St. Martin of the Fields, playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. That performance that I saw him play was probably one of the best classical concerts I have ever seen – on par with seeing Martha Argerich play. Josh Bell continues to reinvent himself and to continuously push the envelope with pieces that have been played in so many different ways.

I love watching morning news shows. If I went to work later, I would watch The View. And yes, I know, my friends remind me that I am not a middle aged housewife, but I still love it.

“Whispering”: from Spring Awakening sang by the amazing Lea Michele

Hear the ghosts in the moonlight
Sorrow doing a new dance
Through their bone, through their skin

To the souls in the fool’s night
Fumbling mutely with their rude hands
And there’s heartache without end

See the father bent in grief
The mother dressed in mourning
Sister crumbles, and the neighbors grumble
The preacher issues warnings

Little miss didn’t do right
Went and ruined all the true plans
Such a shame. Such a sin.

Home alone on a school night
Harvest moon over the blue land
Summer longing on the wind

Had a sweetheart on his knees
So faithful and adoring
And he touched me. And I let him love me.
So let that be my story

For the hope, for the new life
Something beautiful, a new chance
Hear its whispering
There again

dang it.

the SF “sherry” cast of the national tour of jersey boys aren’t going to stay forever. i was relieved for the sake of my bank account – otherwise i was going to continue to trek out to SF for a long time to continue to go see them. with the second national cast replacing the current cast in a few weeks, i was going to give them about a month or so to get used to performing (the sherry cast also improved a lot from december to feb) before i go to check them out.

but now, with the addition of jeremy kushnier to the cast, that’s definitely not going to happen. he rocked as Roger in Rent and has a spine tingling voice and a heartbreaking commitment to acting the heart out of the role he’s playing. he’s jen’s favorite broadway performer, and jen is picky. ^^ definitely my favorite roger that i’ve seen. I can’t wait to see what he does to the role of Tommy DeVito.

It’s an important day at work today. My professor invited me to join three other professors and him for dinner. I hate shmoozing though, I’m just not very good at it and it’s intimidating company. It’ll be interesting today though.