New Company Members for San Francisco Ballet’s 2011 Season

Artem Yachmennikov taken at the Het Nationale Ballet, taken by Angela Sterling

New company members for San Francisco Ballet’s 2011 season has been announced! Artem Yachmennikov will be joining as a principal dancer, previously from the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet, Het Nationale Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet. Vito Mazzeo will join as a soloist, previously from the Royal Ballet and the Teatro dell’Opera. The new corps members are Daniel Baker (previously a soloist at the Miami City Ballet), Nicole Ciapponi, Koto Ishihara, Elena Kazakova, Dustin Shane, Sebastian Vinet, Lonnie Weeks, and SF Ballet apprentices Kimberly Braylock, Myles Thatcher, and Sylvie Volosov.

Congratulations! It’ll be exciting to see how the newly hired soloists will perform, as well as seeing the familiar faces of previous SF Ballet students and apprentices (apprenticii?) who graced the audience last year in vivid, lasting moments onstage. Check out the new roster, here.

6 thoughts on “New Company Members for San Francisco Ballet’s 2011 Season

  1. Hank

    Thanks for the heads up. Knowing who is newly arriving raises the question who is newly departed. I see a lot of names I recognize, but I don’t have last year’s cast members memorized – who retired or moved on?

  2. jolene Post author

    Hi Hank – definitely, that comes to mind immediately as well. Some familiar names I’ll miss is Julianne Kepley, Martyn Garside (where did he go??), and Katita Waldo who retired last year.

    Any others??

  3. Burlington Willes

    Martyn Garside will be dancing in
    Germany (Frankfurt). We will
    miss his wonderful dancing and
    nice personality.

  4. jolene Post author

    Thanks Burlington – do you know which company he’s dancing for? He really is an eye-catching dancer, and I was looking forward to seeing him more onstage.

    Any other info on other dancers? I’m horrible at naming who’s missing from last year.

  5. Ron

    Brett Bauer has joined Oregon Ballet Theatre as a soloist. Ludmila Campos will be with the Royal Ballet of Flanders. Julianne Kepley has joined the Milwaukee Ballet as a principal. David Arce, Nicole Grand, Margaret Karl, Christopher Mondoux, Ashley Muangmaithong, Aaron Orza, & Miriam Rowan are also gone.

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