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Alastair Macaulay: Life, Art, Dance, and Criticism


was just notified by a friend of mine that NY Times dance critic Alastair Macaulay will be speaking at Stanford University TONIGHT, co-sponsored by their Humanities Center and the Stanford Institute for Creativity for the Arts. The lecture is *free* and open to the public. I would love to go if I didn’t have a night shift at the hospital tonight! Whether you love him or hate him, Alastair Macaulay has shaped the world of dance criticism today, with his sharp biting wit and controversial comments. He’s like the passionate ballet fan that you would love to sit next to in the theater during a show, pointing out fun and interesting (and possibly not necessarily nice) things about what was going on stage. I would love to ask him a question if he feels the pressure to say nice, or not nice, things in his reviews. I could see how controversial things could sell more papers (that Jeni Ringer controversy brought a lot of attention and PR, didn’t it?), and did he behave himself after that incident? It’s an interesting thing, being so public and opinionated.

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